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About the Firm

LAMS Ethnic Artiques is a 5 Years old art gallery dealing with traditional and contemporary wood carved articles is located in Bangalore. We have identified some of finest artisans in wood carving. Our main mission is to evolve a platform to our artist's and artisan's creativity and skills in various forms of carved items where they can directly promote to the end customers. We are dedicated to support and empower their finest products which are value for money.

Arts and Crafts

Karnataka’s legacy and royalty is best observed in the various arts and crafts of the state. Most famous traditional handicrafts of Karnataka are unique in the world. The huge ornate interiors showcase some exquisite craftsmen ship. The art of exclusive crafts making has passed on from one generation to another, and bear testimony to the skill, aesthetic sensibilities and decorative abilities of the craftsperson. They have received patronage from the royalty in the past. thus making it a timeless tradition. Having a colossal amount of wood forest reserve, Finest Artisans have continued to employ age old techniques of crafting on the wood. The best examples of this art can be seen on the ceilings and gateways of royal homes and the temples. Wood Carving amazingly exhibits a person's efficiency as well as imagination which can transform a simple log of wood into a marvelous object of art.

The intricate designs made on wooden crafts are really astonishing and reveals the expertize and efficiency and above all the patience of the craftsmen. The uniqueness of these masterpieces will take you to a world of holiness and eternal bliss. The daily use items of the wood inlay item include furniture items, powder boxes, bowls, puja mandaps, wall hangings, etc. All the items are artistically and realistically sculpted.

We Decor Your Home

We are specialised in rose-teak- white and sandal wood carving of sculptures-Furnitures-doors- frames and traditional, spiritual and contemporary Figurines/show pieces.

The images shown are reflection of our artist’s workmanship.

  • Krishna

  • Ganesha

  • Varaha Swamy

  • Garuda

  • Matsyasa

  • Parashurama

  • Varaha Lakshmi

  • Dattatreya

  • Vishnu

  • Mandir

  • Hanuman

  • Krishna

  • Vishwa Roopa

  • Durga

  • Udupi Krishna

  • Bull Fight

  • Elephant

  • Ganesha

  • Narayana

  • Shiva